Houtlander was founded in 2017 by Phillip Hollander and Stephen Wilson, both passionate hands-on furniture makers who were inspired to create quality furniture that was simple but special, traditional but contemporary. Furniture that felt easy and beautiful to live with for a lifetime. Combining a respect for the tried and tested methods of traditional joinery, yet challenged and inspired by technology and a modern approach, Houtlander has innovated ways to design and produce functional, accessible and covetable furniture that feels at home anywhere in the world.

At the heart of the Houtlander way is passion for and commitment to the basic human principles of inclusivity, sustainability and humanity. Our mission at Houtlander is to design and create timeless and beautifully crafted furniture that people (generations) want to live with, while we at the same time, create a socially conscious business that cares.

Minimalist in design and environmental impact Houtlander create furniture that is tooled with remarkable accuracy without using a single nail or screw. Using only high quality sustainably harvested hardwoods – primarily oak simply because it is so well-loved. The furniture is light in style and weight but strong and hardwearing, simply designed for everyday life. Their designs are a combination of a considered, pared-down style that nods to the past yet signals future heritage.

Phillip started off making furniture out of his dad's garage for friends and family while he was a student. He applied for business incubation for Houtlander at Furntech, a government supported incubation program for the furniture industry. Here he honed his technical skills and started the journey to become a furniture designer. Stephen first fell in love with wood when he worked under an Austrian cabinet maker fitting out interiors of yachts. With years of experience he developed a deep understanding of different materials and its uses. He embraces technology in his design and has a passion for refining a product until it's perfect.

Instagram: @houtlander


Spindle Back Diner

Spindle Back Diner - upholstered

Spindle Back Carver

Spindle Back Carver - upholstered

Low Back Diner 

Low Back Diner - upholstered

Milk Stool - short

Milk Stool - tall

Nook Stool - no backrest

Nook Stool - with backrest

Bar Stool - no backrest

Bar Stool - with backrest

Arm Chair

Studio Sofa

Milk Bench

Diner Bench

Carver Bench

Coronation Bench

Kids Spindle Chair

Home Office

Home Office set - self assemble

Home Desk - self assemble

Home Office Shelf - 
self assemble

Carver Office Chair

Carver Office Chair - 

Writing Desk


Dining Table

Square Cafe Table

Round Cafe Table

Pedestal Base Table

Coffee Table - round

Coffee Table


Tray Side Table

Bedside Table

Kids Table